20150319 – a talk with Pieter Hintjens

March, 19th we had a special guest at our monthly usergroup meeting from Brussels, Belgium: Pieter Hintjens visited us.

Somehow we didn’t end up in the usual room where talks are held, the sofas were calling. The whole thing turned out to be an interactive session, more like a conversation you also could have at a bar or lounge – if you can imagine nerds showing up at such a place.

Yours truly tried to get it live on tape (yes, tape (-8 ), but we only had an old camera to record the session. Sorry for the grainy picture – it was way too dark there and for the humming in the background: the camera recorded its own mechanical noise…

Nevertheless, look for yourself:

Pieter also recorded the audio on his notebook, so it will be available as podcast later on.

Thank you

A big thank you goes out to Pieter Hintjens for making this possible. Go and [buy his books]! You will find a read worth your time.

Thanks to the people that were part of this experience.

And of course thank you [Das Labor] for providing the room.

Lessons learned

  • Making a video recording follows the shit in – shit out principle. If there is a hum on tape you maybe can reduce but not eliminate it.
  • Recording 1 hour on tape does not create one file with one hour of continuous video information. You may end up with chunks that don’t even fit together.
  • Youtube tells you that your video is too long after the upload.