Februar Meetup – Drunken Code / Beer Review

Hello C / C++ / Rust Enthusiasts!

Since do not have a talk this this time and for lack of anything better we thought we have a Beer Review together this time.

For anyone not familiar with the concept: There is not such concept. We just made it up.

The idea is: Everyone brings a small snippet of code. A function, a class, or just a single line. This code does not necessarily need to be written by you or anyone you know.* And then we review it. Together. While having a beer.

Show us the code you think is really good, or, really really bad and tell us why!

The term Beer Review, uhm, or Drunken Code does not mean you have to drink. We will be hosted at Das Labor in Bochum with plenty of soft drinks available.

* Just make sure you are allowed to show the code and that there is no NDA or whatever.

FAQ and notes:

1. What programming language must the code be in? Does not matter. But since we are a C++ community, we will be most responsive when the code is written in C++. But we also like to see some C or Rust or whatever you come up with.

2. Do I need to bring my own device? No, we have plenty of laptops and as long as the code is publicly available (say, on GitHub) we can show it for you. Only if you want to bring some closed source or otherwise unpublished code, you’ll probably need to bring your own device.

3. Is there free beer for everyone? Uhm, nope… I bring a beer crate (Bierkasten!) but if that is gone we have to organize and swarm out.

4. Can I come even if I don’t have any code to show? Of course you’re welcome to join even if you do not have anything to show or don’t want to. However, consider that this type of event needs lively participation.

5. How much code can I show? The less, the better. Make sure that a review of your snippet of code takes no longer than, say, 15 minutes. 30 minutes max. But this really depends on the complexity of the code and the drunkenness of the reviewers.