September Meetup – netObservator

Hi there C++ Freaks!

This month we have Jan Christian Rohde talking about his hobby project: netObservator, a network sniffer written in C++. He’ll talk about some of the design decisions he took, the libraries he uses, how network sniffing works, and what patterns he uses in his project.

So, don’t miss out on that one if you are into networking or C++. See you there!

August – C++ Grillen

Hey C++ gourmets and connoisseurs of fine template code! Next Thursday we will meet and have a little BBQ @dasLabor.

BBQ starts at 19:30. As usual, you can buy soft drinks at the bar. As for the food I suggest that we coordinate who brings what here at

Besides food, we have a little scary talk about overloading operator dot.

July – Botan: C++11 Crypto Library and Integrate Rust into your C++ Project

Hi there C++ Freaks!

This month’s meet-up brings not one but two (short but really interesting)  talks!

We have René Korthaus (@securitykernel) giving a talk about Botan, a modern C++ 11 library for TLS and crypto.

And secondly, we have Ben (@predatorhat) who talks about Integrating Rust into your existing C++ Project.

So, see you next Thursday in Bochum!

May Meetup – Hands On Metaprogramming: Implementing Named Parameters

Hey there C++ lunatics!

Last metaprogramming talk we learned some basic concepts, now it’s time to actually write code. Although named parameters are supported natively in other languages, in C++ we can use the built-in code generator known as template metaprogramming to implement support for this feature.

April Meetup – Call for Talks

Hallo C++-Fans!

Für unseren nächsten Termin am 24. April in Bochum fehlen uns noch Vortragende! Wenn von euch jemand eine Idee oder ein spannendes Thema hat, schreibt uns hier!

Also, wenn Du über Deine neue Lieblings-Library, eine neue Technik oder den letzten Schrei beim Template Instantiieren berichten möchtest, ist nun die Zeit.

Traut Euch, es macht wirklich Spaß.

Bis bald!

March Meetup – C++17 Current Status

Greetings C++-Fans! I’m pleased to announce this months meet-up at Das Labor in Bochum. (On short notice, sorry for that!) We have a talk about the ongoing standardization process of the next C++ ISO standard, C++17. It gives a quick overview over the features that probably make it in and explains why some won’t. Furthermore you get an idea about how the standardization procedure works.

There is the usual time for discussion and soft-drinks are available. See you there!

February Meetup – Building Blocks of Metaprogramming

Hi C++ freaks! This month we have Odin Holmes on “Building Blocks of Metaprogramming”.

C++11 and C++14 have changed the way we Metaprogram. This talk will be both an introduction to Metaprogramming for those who wish to learn and also a guide to modernizing your Metaprogramming coding style.

We have the usual soft-drinks and plenty of room for discussion. See you soon in Bochum!

January Meetup – Using Modern Solvers

Hi C++ Freaks und Frohes Neues! – Time for January’s get-together. This time we have Rüdiger Ehlers on Using Modern Solvers.

Many computationally difficult problems can be framed as queries to so-called solvers. Examples are the solution of Sudokus (or their automatic preparation), scheduling problems, planning in general, verification/test generation problems, and package dependency problems in Linux package managers. By describing the requirements on the solutions that are to be obtained as constraints to a solver and applying the solver as a black box library, the developer saves the work to implement branch-and-bound algorithms or related concepts to search for solutions. In this way, the results of years of sophisticated solver engineering can be used without knowing their details.

The talk gives a high-level overview on the motivation and application of modern solvers. Small example programs that employ the C++ interface of the SMT-solver Z3 by Microsoft Research show how solvers can be used in practice.

November Meetup – Address Sanitizer

Hi C++ freaks! This week we have our November meet-up in Bochum. Ben is giving a talk about clang’s Address Sanitizer, a wonderful tool to help you and your team to easily locate memory bugs in native code.

The talk provides an overview of how ASAN works and how it compares to valgrind’s memcheck tool. It shows you how to use ASAN in your project (with and without clang) and how to interpret it’s messages.

Other than that, we have the usual soft-drinks and plenty of room for discussion. See you soon.

October Meetup – Lightning Talks

¡Buenas noches! C++ enthusiasts. This time we will have lightning talks. A lightning talk is usually a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes. So, if you have something short and interesting for us, a nice library, an interesting code snippet, or a new tool, which fits into a 10 to 15 minutes talk, step forward and shoot me a mail:

benjamin.kircher AT

and your contribution will be honorably added to this eternal list:


* …