Februar Meetup – Drunken Code / Beer Review

Hello C / C++ / Rust Enthusiasts!

Since do not have a talk this this time and for lack of anything better we thought we have a Beer Review together this time.

For anyone not familiar with the concept: There is not such concept. We just made it up.

The idea is: Everyone brings a small snippet of code. A function, a class, or just a single line. This code does not necessarily need to be written by you or anyone you know.* And then we review it. Together. While having a beer.

Show us the code you think is really good, or, really really bad and tell us why!

The term Beer Review, uhm, or Drunken Code does not mean you have to drink. We will be hosted at Das Labor in Bochum with plenty of soft drinks available.

* Just make sure you are allowed to show the code and that there is no NDA or whatever.

FAQ and notes:

1. What programming language must the code be in? Does not matter. But since we are a C++ community, we will be most responsive when the code is written in C++. But we also like to see some C or Rust or whatever you come up with.

2. Do I need to bring my own device? No, we have plenty of laptops and as long as the code is publicly available (say, on GitHub) we can show it for you. Only if you want to bring some closed source or otherwise unpublished code, you’ll probably need to bring your own device.

3. Is there free beer for everyone? Uhm, nope… I bring a beer crate (Bierkasten!) but if that is gone we have to organize and swarm out.

4. Can I come even if I don’t have any code to show? Of course you’re welcome to join even if you do not have anything to show or don’t want to. However, consider that this type of event needs lively participation.

5. How much code can I show? The less, the better. Make sure that a review of your snippet of code takes no longer than, say, 15 minutes. 30 minutes max. But this really depends on the complexity of the code and the drunkenness of the reviewers.

January Meetup – Asynchronous I/O with Boost.Asio

Happy New Year C++ Aficionados!

This time we have Jörn Seger with a very interesting talk about Boost.Asio, the asynchronous I/O library for C++, including a hands-on afterwards. So bring your own laptop if you wish to follow the hands-on.

We’ll meet again in Bochum @dasLabor, so there will be plenty of soft drinks and time for discussions afterwards.

See you!

November Meetup – QuickCheck

Hi C++ aficionados!

Since some of you crazy C++ folks are at Meeting C++ in Berlin this week we will have this month’s meet-up a week later than usual at

Thursday, Nov 24th

at WorkInn Co-working space in Dortmund (https://www.workinn.de/)

This time we have Kai (@_cibo_) with us. He will talk about QuickCheck, a software testing library that reveals surprising facts about your code! And we have Ben (@predatorhat) demonstrating uftrace, a function call tracer that you can use to trace your C++ application on Linux.

Last but not least, maybe we have somebody with us who can share his or her impressions from Meeting C++.

See you soon!

As usual, talks will in German language unless we have somebody in the audience who doesn’t speak German. Than we will switch to English.

October Meetup – Modellbasierte Programmierung in C++

Hallo liebe C++-Interessierte!

Diesmal alles auf Deutsch 🙂

Diesen Monat haben wir Paul Targosz mit “Konzept zur Modellbasierten Programmierung in C++11” bei uns.

Klassisches Programmieren ist toll aber die Industrie hat Interesse an modellbasierter Programmierung. Die Grundidee ist eine Abstraktion zwischen der Hardware und des Verhaltens. Versuche in der Richtung sind nicht neu, aber haben weiterhin ihre Schwächen.

Durch modernes C++11 existieren neue Möglichkeiten diesen Ansatz zu realisieren. Deswegen behandelt dieser Talk einen kleinen Überblick über die Grundlagen, den aktuellen Stand und das Potential durch C++11. Codebeispiele natürlich inklusive.

Der Vortrag beginnt wie immer um 19:30 Uhr. Softdrinks gibt es im Labor. Intelligente und nette Menschen auch.

Bis dann dann!

September Meetup – netObservator

Hi there C++ Freaks!

This month we have Jan Christian Rohde talking about his hobby project: netObservator, a network sniffer written in C++. He’ll talk about some of the design decisions he took, the libraries he uses, how network sniffing works, and what patterns he uses in his project.

So, don’t miss out on that one if you are into networking or C++. See you there!

August – C++ Grillen

Hey C++ gourmets and connoisseurs of fine template code! Next Thursday we will meet and have a little BBQ @dasLabor.

BBQ starts at 19:30. As usual, you can buy soft drinks at the bar. As for the food I suggest that we coordinate who brings what here at meetup.com.

Besides food, we have a little scary talk about overloading operator dot.

July – Botan: C++11 Crypto Library and Integrate Rust into your C++ Project

Hi there C++ Freaks!

This month’s meet-up brings not one but two (short but really interesting)  talks!

We have René Korthaus (@securitykernel) giving a talk about Botan, a modern C++ 11 library for TLS and crypto.

And secondly, we have Ben (@predatorhat) who talks about Integrating Rust into your existing C++ Project.

So, see you next Thursday in Bochum!

May Meetup – Hands On Metaprogramming: Implementing Named Parameters

Hey there C++ lunatics!

Last metaprogramming talk we learned some basic concepts, now it’s time to actually write code. Although named parameters are supported natively in other languages, in C++ we can use the built-in code generator known as template metaprogramming to implement support for this feature.

April Meetup – Call for Talks

Hallo C++-Fans!

Für unseren nächsten Termin am 24. April in Bochum fehlen uns noch Vortragende! Wenn von euch jemand eine Idee oder ein spannendes Thema hat, schreibt uns hier!

Also, wenn Du über Deine neue Lieblings-Library, eine neue Technik oder den letzten Schrei beim Template Instantiieren berichten möchtest, ist nun die Zeit.

Traut Euch, es macht wirklich Spaß.

Bis bald!

March Meetup – C++17 Current Status

Greetings C++-Fans! I’m pleased to announce this months meet-up at Das Labor in Bochum. (On short notice, sorry for that!) We have a talk about the ongoing standardization process of the next C++ ISO standard, C++17. It gives a quick overview over the features that probably make it in and explains why some won’t. Furthermore you get an idea about how the standardization procedure works.

There is the usual time for discussion and soft-drinks are available. See you there!